Weekly openpilot users grew from less than 275 users per week in the second half of 2018 to more than 2,750 users per week at the end of 2020. On some days, openpilot users now drive 100,000 miles, and every week openpilot users drive well over 500,000 miles. …

After Consumer Reports tested our product, we’ve seen a big uptick in reach outs from car companies. Some have understood us better than others.

Our mission is to solve self driving cars while delivering shippable intermediaries, and we are very focused on this mission. …

We’ve been seeing questions about if modifications to openpilot violate our safety model or not. The safety model has three main principles.

  1. The driver must always be paying attention.
  2. The driver must always be capable of immediately retaking manual control of the vehicle.
  3. The vehicle must not alter its trajectory…

I’ve seen several very sketchy experiments around lately where people are controlling the steering of cars in unsafe ways. Let me break down a few of these ways, and discuss concerns. This is not safety advice, this is educational background info. If you do not understand what you are doing…

This is the second post in our three part series about the three main teams at comma.ai. Research, operations and openpilot. In this post we’ll talk about the openpilot team, and the problems we solve on a daily basis. …

At comma research, our mission is to build a superhuman driving agent. A superhuman driving agent is one that can drive a car to your destination safer, more comfortably and more reliably than you can.

We believe a superhuman driving agent can be cleanly split into a planner and controller…

At comma, our mission is to solve self driving cars while delivering shippable intermediaries. Everything we do is derived from that mission, and as the narrative unfolds, it’s looking increasing like we will win alongside Tesla and Mobileye.

Linux, Mac, and Windows all won. OS/2 did not.

Like codebases, as…

I swear this is a true story and not made up for marketing reasons.

I walked to work this morning, and left the car keys for my friend to drive in later. At 11:31 AM, I get a call. “Dude, your car is gone.” And I’m like nah, nobody steals…

San Diego, CA
April 24, 2020–11:53 pm

It’s not disruption if it drives the same backwards and forwards. It’s not disruption if the major players in the space are pouring money into you. It’s not disruption if you saw Sebastian Thrun have one in the Google parking lot in 2008. It’s not disruption if it’s a taxi without a person.

I’ve lived long enough to see Google become IBM. Disruption is when you ask your self from 10 years ago if they understand it and they don’t.

How many of you thought you’d be sticking a cell phone to your car windshield and watching it drive?


Our highly decentralized new hardware, the comma zero

Meet your cheapest hardware yet, the comma zero, aka webcams + laptop + car harness + black panda (only needed if you want to control a real car). We mentioned our theme for 2020 is externalization, and this is our latest progress on that.

comma ai

Make driving chill.

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