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  • Josh Enders

    Josh Enders

    CloudFlare Operations Engineer

  • Andreessen Horowitz

    Andreessen Horowitz

    …aka “a16z” is a tech VC firm that invests in ‘software eating the world’. Read more about our: http://bit.ly/a16zinvestments http://bit.ly/a16zpartners

  • Ashlee Vance

    Ashlee Vance

    I'm a feature writer covering technology for Bloomberg Businessweek. Former scribe for The New York Times, The Economist and The Register.

  • Chris Dixon

    Chris Dixon


  • joshua schachter

    joshua schachter

    Tinkerer, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, occasional race car driver.

  • Mark Harris

    Mark Harris

    Mostly British, mostly tech journalist reporting on the US from mostly rainy Seattle

  • Jay Freeman (saurik)

    Jay Freeman (saurik)

    I have many followers; when I use Twitter, I get more replies than Twitter lets me scroll through after a few hours. Do not expect me to see things posted here.

  • Elies Campo

    Elies Campo

    @Telegram. I like to build things. In love with the world, humanity, and its diversity. From Barcelona. Formerly @whatsapp.

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